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Enzymes come in various "types" that are suited for specific jobs.  The enzymes bind to the organic waste and chemically break the waste down.  The final "waste of the waste" is carbon dioxide (CO2) and water.

As you can imagine, turning organic waste in swimming pools into CO2 and water is a great thing!  Those 2 components are then reabsorbed back into the pool or spa water.  Your sanitizer (chlorine, bromine, salt, biguanide, etc.) can concentrate on its job - killing bacteria; oxidizers or shocks can do their job - oxidizing contaminants that cause chloramines; algaecides are not as stressed because algae are not being "fed" by these organics.

Natural Enzymes vs. Synthetic Enzymes

Whether enzymes are natural or synthetic, they come from the world around us.  Here's the difference between the two in a broad sense is: synthetic or man-made enzymes are manufactured or cooked and blended.  They tend to be specific in their "feeding"- they will eat only specific wastes such as fats and oils. Man-made enzymes tend to be much less stable than natural enzymes. 

Natural enzymes are "naturally" formed through the process of fermentation.  Fermentation produces a "broad spectrum" enzyme that is dramatically more stable and able to "eat" a significantly wider range of organic wastes.  Natural enzymes such as those found in NaturCare-ACTIVNZYME Enzymatic Clarifier & Phosphate Remover and related products will remove all of the following kinds of organics that are often found in swimming pools: human waste, waste fuel oil, deodorants, soaps, bird droppings, sweat, shampoo, body oils, cosmetics, hair spray and other hair treatments, body lotions, pipeline anti-freeze residue, air borne pollution, tree sap, organic fillers, and more.  The more organic, swimmer and environmental waste that can be "consumed" and eliminated,  the less potential problems that you and your pool will face.

Natural enzymes consume the organic wastes that contribute to scum-lines that eventually (quickly) become bio-films that are a breeding ground for bacteria and algae.  Build ups of scum lines are not only visible at the water line, but in the skimmer, pool pipe lines, and even into the filter itself; fouling filter grids, cartridges, and even the sand causing shortened filter runs.

Natural Enzymes are not water clarifiers...well, not exactly.  Clarifiers "clump" together fine particles so that the filter can more easily remove them; detergents - they don't "clean" anything, although they can "eat" greases, oils, lotions & other organics; don't contain copper; are formulated for different environments such as pool water or spa water (cool vs. warm), cold water as in a winterized pool - use the proper enzyme for the correct application. Keep in mind that enzyme products can be formulated with phosphate removing ingredients which when blended properly will have a clarifying effect.

Enzymes are the perfect pool chemistry complement

Enzymes can be used in ALL swimming pools using ANY sanitizing system - chlorine, bromine, Soft Swim®, Baquacil®.  Enzymes used with ionizers such as Nature2® or Pool Frog® are a terrific idea because they keep the "beads" in the ionizing canister cleaner by consuming the organic waste that can foul the canister.  Regular use of natural enzymes on a weekly basis will help prevent the organic component of water molds and slime (imagine a pool without pink slime or white water mold!).

When you couple enzymes with BioGuard® Optimizer Plus®, you have a system that can't be beat.  Why?  As mentioned above, the enzymes break the waste down into CO2 (carbon dioxide) and water.  The borates in Optimizer Plus® react with the and help rid the pool of CO2.  Carbon dioxide is one of main food sources and sustainers of all plant life - including all forms of algae.  Plants cannot photosynthesize without CO2.  Help eliminate CO2 and say good-bye to algae!

Now, add those two products (NaturCare Enzymes & Optimizer Plus) to AquaFinesse Pool Water Care Tablets, and you have a more natural, sustainable way to combat biofilms, mold, slime, wastes & algae.

Here's a good, solid, "natural" way to get rid of and then control White Water Mold and Pink Slime.  We have tried it & the process works very well.

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enzymes  -  what they are & what they do...

Enzymes are special, naturally occurring (although there do exist man-made and natural enzymes) molecules that "eat" or "digest" organic waste that is not easily filterable or can be readily oxidized.

Basically, enzymes are nature's way to break down many organic compounds.  You'll find enzymes in your own body!  They break down fats, sugars.  Insulin is a kind of enzyme.