New Advanced Formula NaturCare Enzymatic Pool Clarifier & Phosphate Remover is made from a "pure batch" process for the best enzymes available. You won't find any reconstituted enzymes in this product.

NaturCare Enzymatic Pool Clarifier & Phosphate Remover also helps to reduce the incidence of scummy waterlines that not only look bad, but are also a breeding ground for algae & other pool care problems.

All natural ingredients are safe for swimmers & the environment.

NaturCare Enzymatic Pool Clarifier & Phosphate Remover is Caleb approved for gentleness to your skin & hair!

  • Non-toxic, does not contain dyes or fragrances
  • All natural active ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-sensitizing (won't harm hair or skin)
  • Prevents many kinds of organic build up in & on pool surfaces
  • Helps keep filters (any kind) cleaner longer
  • Helps keep water lines & tiles remarkably cleaner without scrubbing or detergents
  • Helps extend cartridge filter life
  • Prevents short-cycling of sand, cartridge & especially DE filters
  • May significantly reduce the need for shocking & oxidizing with regular use
  • Removes an important food (phosphates) for algae
  • Dramatically reduces the need to using traditional polymer-based water clarifiers
  • Low-foaming formula
  • Concentrated - a little goes a long way!

NaturCare Enzymatic Pool Clarifier & Phosphate Remover is an effective product to use with AquaFinesse Pool Care Tablets in helping to control & eliminate biofilms that lead to Pink Slime, White Water Mold & Chlorine Demand.

Extremely effective to use when opening your pool. Makes openings faster & easier!

Works with any & all pool sanitizing systems - Chlorine, Bromine, Salt, Pristine Blue, Soft Swim, Baquacil, Nature2, Vision, Pool Frog, Sustain, ANYTHING!

Works great in any & all swimming pool types - vinyl, painted, gunite, tile, inground, aboveground.

How to Use: Initial Start up: 8 oz per 5,000 gallons, then 2 oz per 5,000 gallons weekly poured directly into your pool.

Trouble Pools: for tough conditions, NaturCare works great at a rate of only 4 oz. per 5,000 gallons weekly.


                               List Price $38.99 each

NaturCare Enzymatic Clarifier & Phosphate Remover
4 - 1 Qt bottle - $118.99

NaturCare Enzymatic Clarifier & Phosphate Remover
1 Qt bottle - $34.99

NaturCare-Activ-nzyme Enzymatic Clarifier & Phosphate Remover

- Par Pool & Spa worked hand in hand with the laboratory to develop this highly concentrated naturally brewed enzyme product that is then combined with an effective phosphate remover & agglomerating agent (helps to filter out fine particles).

Natural enzymes aid in the biofilm removal process by consuming removed bio-particulate (any bio-matter in the pool), which puts less strain on the filter system. When used according to label directions, customers experience cleaner pool surfaces, longer filter runs, less chlorine demand & musty odors.

Strongest concentration of enzymes found bar none! When used regularly, enzymes consume or "eat up" swimmer & environmental contaminants & wastes (especially greases & oils) that otherwise consume a lot of your pool chemicals - chlorine, bromine, other sanitizers & shock treatments. Plus, it's proprietary formulation of an effective phosphate remover significantly lowers the possibility of summer algae problems (algae loves to feed on phosphates). Copyright 2014, All rights reserved. Par Inc of Conn,

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