How?  By removing biofilm, you eliminate the areas where so many problems start - in the pipes & plumbing lines.

Learn more about biofilms here.

Compatible with ALL pool care systems - chlorine, bromine, biguanide (Baquacil, Soft Swim), ionizers, salt-chlorine, Mineral Springs, Pristiva, ozone, silver ionizers, ANYTHING & everything!

Even helps UV (ultra violet) and Solar heating systems work more effectively by keeping the tubing clean.

Use in all Pools:

  • Vinyl Liner
  • Concrete or White Plaster
  • Painted surfaces
  • Fiberglass
  • Tile

The AquaFinesse™ Pool Puck Kit comes complete with enough product for up to 6 months in a 15,000 gallon (40,000 liter) pool:

  • AquaFinesse™ Pool Water Care Tablets, 2 - 16 Tablet buckets

  • Natural Chemistry Filter Perfect Filter Cleaner, 1 Qt - a great & perfectly compatible filter cleaner while the AquaFinesse Filter Cleaner is reformulated. (for chlorine, bromine, ionizer, salt, mineral  & Pristine Blue treated pools)

  • Soft Swim Filter Cleaner, 1 Qt - for biguanide treated pools (Soft Swim, Baquacil, Revacil, etc)

Easy to use - just drop 1  AquaFinesse Pool Pucks per 17,500 gallons of water (for first time use, use 2 puck per 17,500 gallons the first two weeks, then go to the lower dose) into your skimmer.

Effective - AquaFinesse Pool Pucks thoroughly remove biofilm sop that your filter can properly remove from the pool and pool system. When treating a severely infected pool, it is best to thoroughly clean the filter with the appropriate filter cleaner.

Here's an example of the difference that AquaFinesse Pool Tablets made in a commercial pool application over the course of about 6 weeks. Tile grout goes from dirty black to clean white without scubbing.

Eco-friendly - AquaFinesse Pool Pucks contains no harsh chemicals.  Waste water is able to be drained into almost any environment without fear of harming plants or animals.

Special Note:  When dealing with severe cases of White Water Mold, Pink Slime or other biofilms, consider supplementing the activity of AquaFinesse withNaturCare Enzymatic Pool Clarifierwhich will help consume removed biofilms.The one-two punch approach to treating biofilms & pool mold.

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AquaFinesse™ Pool Water Care System Kit from List Price from $219.99

AquaFinesse™ Pool Water Care System Kit for Chlorine Pools $189.99                     

AquaFinesse™ Pool Water Care System Kit for Biguanide Pools $195.99

Please let us know your pool size for customized instructions. Free!

"Ron, I just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful advice for our indoor pool. We had water mold in our pool and started using the AquaFinesse products. Within a week our pool started clearing up. Now it is crystal clear, and has not been this way for a long time. The water is so nice to swim in. I will continue to use these products in our pool. Thank you so much," Lori M., Columbus, IN

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Aqua Finesse Pool Water System Kit

The AquaFinesse™ Pool Water Care Tablet is a concentrated patented tablet that effectively removes built-up biofilms on pool surfaces and inside impossible to reach pool plumbing. 

Biofilms are the source of most pool water quality problems since 99% of pool bacteria resides in biofilm.

Evidence shows that water treated with AquaFinesse™ Pool Water Care Tablets and your favorite Chlorine tablets or sticks will dramatically cut sanitizer use, aid in better balanced water, aid in softer water, keep pool surfaces & equipment cleaner, and lessen overall pool maintenance.

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