Another important aspect of indoor pools is a lack of natural oxidation. You may think, "what the heck does that mean? We're shocking the pool regularly and even using an ozone generator plus a UV device. That may all be well and good, but chemicals and devices will never substitute for the natural oxidation of pure unfiltered sunlight on a swimming pool. Natural UVA and UVB are the best oxidizers known.

The pool show above has little or no direct natural sunlight beating on it. The resort pool on the left is exposed to plenty of that natural oxidation. Sunlight may contribute to SOME algae growth in pools that aren't properly treated, but the natural oxidation certainly compensates.

When the sun is shining on swimming pool without a dome or other filter, ALL of the exposed pool's surfaces are being exposed to this ultra-violet light.

Three important things to keep in mind:

  1. Most commercial pool operators may not be up on the best or newest technologies or even knowledge to treat these problems. Biofilms, white water mold and slime problems are not going away. They have to be dealt with aggressively and continually. There's no other way around it..

  2. Many commercial pools especially those designed for large swimming events (swim meets, competition) or extra heavy usage (resorts, water parks, municipal pools) have HUGE systems where there can be literally many thousands of square feet of surface area (pool side walls, bottoms, gutters, etc) and many hundreds or thousands of lineal feet of pipe and plumbing. On top of all that, add water features such as waterfalls, fountains, swim up bars etc. All of those surfaces - both visible and cleanable plus all of that which is not visible or cleanable - must somehow be treated. A perfect example of biofilm infestation is waterline tile and grout that has become "dirty". It's not just dirt and grime, it's more than likely biofilm growth which has permeated the grout.

  3. In most cases you did NOTHING wrong to contribute to this problem. It is more of an environmental issue that you have little control over.

There's a difference on how to treat pools...

Millions of Americans, heck hundreds of millions of people worldwide, enjoy the exercise and fun of swimming.

Whether it's the local municipal pool, country club pool, hotel/motel/resort pool or even a condominium pool, all of these pools have special needs and requirements that don't come into play with residential swimming pools.

Let's take a brief look at what makes these pools have special needs. Copyright 2014, All rights reserved. Par Inc of Conn,

Although most commercial pools are well run and maintained, they're not perfect and wide swings in bather load plus the "lack of care" of users (not showering, heavy use of suntan or other lotions), can and will contribute to biofilm build up.

Another "cause" for pool mold and slime is from inadequate or lax water treatment - lack of maintaining good water balance, proper sanitizing levels, inadequate shocking or oxidizing routines, etc.  This is NOT typically the case because third party entities (state and local health departments for example) are usually overseeing pool and its maintenance.

commercial pools...

Commercial pools are regarded as swimming pools that particularly cater to larger groups of swimmers and bathers that you could consider "transient". In other words, it's not just a family of 4 or 6 using the pool. The number of users could be 100 or more times that depending on the particular pool. Pool size and gallons run the gamut from about 15,000 gallons all the way up to hundreds of thousands of gallons!

All commercial pools (all 6 classifications), regardless of any of the parameters mentioned above share several common things: water, a main surface, plumbing lines, a filter system (sand, diatomaceous earth - DE, or cartridge), all of those things often being significantly larger and more complex. There's also some type of treatment system. Treatment systems are typically limited to some type of chlorine system that is mandated by the state and local health authorities.

The overwhelming majority or these commercial pools are of gunite construction with many having a surface of inlaid tile of some kind. Needless to say, the surface area of these pools is huge, and due to the "porous" nature of the gunite or plaster or grouting, these surfaces are the perfect breeding grounds for biofilms, mold and slime.

Whatever system you have or are using, and regardless of how well the pool is treated and cared for, biofilms will grow and eventually lead to potential  mold and slime issues. Pool mold and slime will grow anywhere it can gain a foothold.

Aside from the regular pool care that your team has developed and approved, as designed Three Foundations which supplement and support all that which you are performing. The Three Foundations work synergistically with each other and with whatever water chemical care system your particular pool has implemented.

Briefly, here are the 3 Foundations:

  1. Loosen, remove and prevent biofilm buildup in evey part of the swimming pool environment - surfaces, plumbing and filter system - with AquaFinesse Pool Water Care Tablets. Since biofilms can grow everywhere and anywhere, you have to be able to get at them anytime and all the time. Simple once a week application is all it takes.

  2. Naturally consume or breakdown organic contaminants. NaturCare Enzymatic Pool Clarifier and Phospate Remover is a multifunctional product with the greatest concentrations of "pure batch" enzymes found in the pool & spa industry. Period. Enzymes continually work to break down greases, oils and other environmental contaminants that would otherwise require more sanitizing and shock or oxidizing products. With regular use, the water feels and looks cleaner. Surfaces almost become "squeeky" clean. Filter runs are typically increased. Just add weekly as a part of your regular maintenance program - 2 oz go a long way!

  3. Inhibit algae growth with BioGuard Optimizer Plus. Algicides are good and should be used as part of a regular maintenance program, but algicides can become overwhelmed heavy rains dropping algae spores into the pool.  Aside from being a natural algae inhibitor, Optimizer Plus helps in keeping your pool water in much better balance. The active ingredient in Optimizer Plus is a natural buffering agent the keeps the pH and Total Alkalinity more stable. An added benefit is really soft feeling water. Once Optimizer Plus is added to the pool, it needs only periodic topping up (about every 3 to 4 months). Sorry, BioGuard Optimizer Plus is not available in California.

The commercial pool you may be in charge of demands that you provide the best in maintenance for your client bathers and for the economical operation of the facility. Proper implementation of the 3 Foundations mentioned above will certainly add to the overall ease of maintenance.

Commercial and/or volume sizes of AquaFinesse Pool Water Care Tablets and NaturCare Enzymatic Pool Clarifier are available. We're happy to work with you. believes that that pool should be the center of summer or year-round fun, not work and worry. We're working hard to make that happen! KNOWS this treatment and prevention system WORKS. We have a growing list of commercial and institutional pools who are having great success as they follow our advice and use the products we prescribe. The changes in pool and pool water quality are quite dramatic.

Join our family of mold and slime free pools! We're always ready to answer your questions and help with technical issues. Just call us at the number above.

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A brief word about indoor pools...

Indoor commercial pools are a special animal that require additional care. Although they may not be subject to Mother Nature and the elements directly, because they are enclosed (most not well ventilated), they are unable to do one important thing: BREATHE.

Breathing is important because after a shock or oxidizing treatment, that waste material needs to gas off into the atmosphere. In an indoor pool, that's just not possible. Instead of gassing off, a lot if not most of the gaseous waste in the form of nitrogen, simple hits the ceiling and falls back into the pool water causing a re-formation of chloramines (combined chlorine that we don't want). Even if there is a great ventilation system, its' still not the same as an open air pool.             866.385.4930

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