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Great for cleaning automatic pool covers that cannot be easily removed for normal maintenance. 

Spray & rinse.  Deep cleaning solution will not effect pool water chemistry or water balance.

Use on all types of covers: solid, mesh, solar, automatic, vinyl

Also great for cleaning patio furniture! Aids in cutting through mold & grime.

Safe around almost all grasses, lawns, shrubs, flowers.  Environmentally safe.  Eco friendly. Non-toxic.


  1. Remove any loose debris from cover.
    Attach Cover Cleaner bottle to garden hose.
  2. Remove white plastic safety tab from hose-end sprayer. Turn red solution valve to 'on' position. (top of sprayer)
  3. Turn water source on and then turn blue main water source to 'on' position. (top of sprayer)
  4. Spray cover with solution and allow to soak for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Lightly brush cover if necessary.
  6. Turn red solution valve back to 'close' and rinse cover with plain water.
  7. Put blanket back on pool or store for the off-season

To learn more about enzymes, click here.

Excellent for use in cleaning & rejuvenating all swimming pool solar blankets, winter covers and automatic pool covers.

Natural Chemistry Cover Cleaner
1 Liter Bottle, Our Price $21.99 each

Natural Chemistry cover cleaner

A natural way to clean your swimming pool winter cover and solar blanket. Natural Chemistry's Cover Cleaner blend of natural enzymes & natural acids break up & clean your cover, ridding it of accumulated greases, oils, dirt & biofilm.

Solar blankets are a major source of mid-summer pool care problems because biofilms, mold, slime & algae begin growing on the blanket.

Contains no harmful chemicals that will kill grass, flowers (don't pour it directly on flowers...), shrubbery. Just spray it on, wipe it down, rinse it off.

Cover Cleaner from Natural Chemistry® is a new, better way to thoroughly clean & rejuvenate your pool's solar cover and winter cover (even automatic covers).

This highly concentrated, deep cleaning solution removes deep set organic contaminants that build up, soil & shorten the life of your winter cover or solar blanket.

Handy spray nozzle simply attaches to your garden hose. 

No mixing.  Just spray then rinse.

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Natural Chemistry Cover Cleaner