Because Water Mold and Slime find their origins in nature, you can have and be performing the BEST in pool care procedures, but still end up with these problems.

The good news is that Water Mold and Slime are completely treatable and even preventable!

A really good way to prevent biofilms, mold and slime is to follow the 5 Pillars to Water Care and support them with the 3 Foundations.  

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Since 2012, has been recommending this system and implementing with as many customers and  in as many swimming pools as possible. From what we're hearing, the results are remarkable!

The Five Pillars are something that you should be doing anyway as you care for your pool, but the real magic is in the Three Foundations.

Briefly, here are the 3 Foundations:

  1. Loosen, remove and prevent biofilm buildup in evey part of the swimming pool environment - surfaces, plumbing and filter system - with AquaFinesse Pool Water Care Tablets. Since biofilms can grow everywhere and anywhere, you have to be able to get at them anytime and all the time. Simple once a week application is all it takes.

  2. Naturally consume or breakdown organic contaminants. NaturCare Enzymatic Pool Clarifier and Phospate Remover is a multifunctional product with the greatest concentrations of "pure batch" enzymes found in the pool & spa industry. Period. Enzymes continually work to break down greases, oils and other environmental contaminants that would otherwise require more sanitizing and shock or oxidizing products. With regular use, the water feels and looks cleaner. Surfaces almost become "squeeky" clean. Filter runs are typically increased. Just add weekly as a part of your regular maintenance program - 2 oz go a long way!

  3. Inhibit algae growth with BioGuard Optimizer Plus. Algicides are good and should be used as part of a regular maintenance program, but algicides can become overwhelmed heavy rains dropping algae spores into the pool.  Aside from being a natural algae inhibitor, Optimizer Plus helps in keeping your pool water in much better balance. The active ingredient in Optimizer Plus is a natural buffering agent the keeps the pH and Total Alkalinity more stable. An added benefit is really soft feeling water. Once Optimizer Plus is added to the pool, it needs only periodic topping up (about every 3 to 4 months). Sorry, BioGuard Optimizer Plus is not available in California.

You purchased and installed your pool for added family enjoyment. believes that your pool should be the center of summer fun, not work and worry. We're working hard to make that happen! KNOWS this treatment and prevention system WORKS. We have literally hundreds of very satisfied (even extatically happy) customers all over the USA. You can read their testimonials here.

Join our family of mold and slime free pools! We're always ready to answer your questions and help with technical issues. Just call us at the number above.

Swim spas are regarded as a kind of hybrid pool/spa that particularly cater to small or smaller groups of swimmers and bathers such as families and their friends with an occasional pool party. Pool size and gallons run the gamut from about 1,000 gallons all the way up to about 2,500 gallons!

Almost all swim spas, regardless of any of the parameters mentioned above share several common things: water, a main surface, plumbing lines, a filter system (again, almost all utilize a cartridge) and some type of treatment system. Treatment systems (depending on the pool owner's preference run from chlorine to bromine to biguanide products (such as BioGuard Soft Swim or Lonza Group Baquacil) to salt tionizers such as King Technologies Pool Frog or Zodiac Nature2.

Three important things to keep in mind:

  1. Most swim spa or Endless Pool owners are not properly trained in how to maintain their pools. Most professional pool stores do do an overall good job with their customers, unfortunately, many of these stores are not up on the best or newest technologies or even knowledge to treat these problems. Mold and slime problems are not going away. They have to be dealt with aggressively and continually. There's no other way around it..

  2. Almost all swim spas have adequate circulation & filtration systems.  The key is to make sure they are running everyday. If you shut down your outdoor swim spa for any length of time in the off-season, be sure to properly drain all of it. Before refilling, it is imperative that an effective biofilm remover such as AquaFinesse or Hot Tub Serum be used immediately to begin loosening and removing biofilms that have accumulated in the moist pipes during shut down.

  3. In most cases you did NOTHING wrong to contribute to a mold or slime problem. It is more of an environmental issue that you have little control over.

Swim spas...

Water temperatures in Swim Spas tend to run a little cooler compared to spas & hot tubs and a little warmer than the average swimming pool. That's something to keep in mind. Whatever you have or are using, and regardless of how well you treat and care for your swim spa or Endless Pool, biofilms will grow and eventually lead to potential mold and slime issues.             866.385.4930

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Pool or spa mold (also known as White Water Mold) and slime (Pink Slime) will grow anywhere it can get a foothold. By the way, neither of these conditions are algae!

The majority of Mold & Slime issues that we see from customers across the USA occur when there is poor circulation and filtration time (less than the recommended 8 to 12 hours daily from spring opening to fall closing); but not always.

The second "cause" for mold and slime is from inadequate or lax water treatment - lack of maintaining good water balance, proper sanitizing levels, inadequate shocking or oxidizing routines, etc.  But as above, not always.

There's a difference on how to treat pools...

And a Swim Spa is NOT a swimming pool! A Swim Spa is not a spa. A Swim Spa is a Swim Spa.

Swim spas are a great center of family and personal exercise, therapy & fun. Large enough to swim in due to their special jet action, small enough for soaking & relaxation.

Some are indoors (we find especially the Endless Pool brand) and the larger swim spas as pictured to the left are outdoors enjoyed by many 12 months out of the year.