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"Ron called awhile back asking about my pink slime situation: much better still have some periodically. The [AquaFinesse] pucks are amazing. thank you!"
Lene' V., Arroyo Grande, CA (customer since 2011)

"Ron. I am so impressed with you and your company's willingness to help and educate pool owners, I went into the local pool store to buy a corner brush because I forgot to order it from you last week and the girl said they don't make anything like that (wow) and got upset when I asked about pink slime she insist that if you just over chlorinate you will get rid of it. I use Baquacil so chlorine won't work for me if it will work at all. "I have been battling pink slime since I started topping my pool off with garden hose and now know why many thanks to you.  Two days after first dose of aquafiness my pool looks and feels so much better." Sent from my iPhone. Tammy H., Bath, MI (customer since 2013)
"Ron, I just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful advice for our indoor pool. We had water mold in our pool and started using the AquaFinesse products. Within a week our pool started clearing up. Now it is crystal clear, and has not been this way for a long time. The water is so nice to swim in. I will continue to use these products in our pool. Thank you so much," Lori M., Columbus, IN, (customer since 2012)
"Dear Ron,  As you know when I talked to you at the end of June I had been battling an algae for all of last season.  When we opened the pool in May of this year, the algae came back with a vengeance.  I had been to numerous pool places in TN and MS trying to get rid of this, BUT no results. We were ready to shut the pool down and cover it.  I read an article that you had written about algae so I decided that would not hurt to call someone else.  I am so glad that I called you that day.  You sent me the 2 products to get rid of the algae [AquaFinesse Pool Tablets & Naturally Pure Enzyme Cleaner], plus the CIRCULATOR jets and I paid only a fraction of what I’d already paid the other suppliers.  Not only did your suggestions help, they CLEARED my problem.  I love the Aqua Finesse that I started using after the algae problem cleared, and my water chemicals were right.  I check the water everyday and my readings have been perfect since.  
"I am very impressed with your company’s expert knowledge and fantastic Customer Service. You DO take care of the customer after the sale, even if they are in the southeast US.  I wish more businesses were like you. Thanks again for all your help and I will give you a call next spring to order my supplies.  Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thank you!"
Debbie C, Your Tennessee (customer since 2011)
"Well, it's been 4 weeks since we started treatment for our nasty pink slime AND white mold." "I'm at one AquaFinesse tab per week and you would never know by looking now, that my pool was a real mess. Just like you said, the ladder is very important to actually take it out and give it a good scrubbing, actually hosing it down with a real concentrated stream did the trick. But what a mess, the inside back of the ladder looked like white jelly. Anyway, I'm glad I decided to come down and meet you. You really made me and my pool happy! Thanx again." JoeCuz, Milford, CT  (customer since 2011) "Thank you Ron for the excellent advice on how to clean up and eliminate the white water mold and bio-films and generally cloudy water in our pool. I super-shocked, scrubbed, added Aqua Finesse and cleaned and replaced the sand in the filter. The pool water now looks great! I think the Aqua Finesse pool pucks are really doing the trick. "Thank you so much! I really appreciate your time and advice. Hope you're having a fabulous summer. Cheers," Sarah, St. Charles, IL (customer since 2010)
From "troublefreepool.com" and a post dated June 28, 2011: "I bought aquafinesse pool pucks... Anyway, so far no return of the slime. If something changes I will post back on this topic but thus far they are doing what they say they do for this problem - assuming I had a persistent sort of biofilm." 
"Hi Ron, I wanted to give you a data point on my pool opening, may 17,  as you have been so helpful with you advice.  3rd year on AqF. Best Pool opening in years. Did the Spring and Fall just before closing, took cover off and shocked once in the winter, shock with 20 lbs initial dose this spring, started on the big AqF [AquaFinesse Pool Water Care Tablets] tabs, held very high Cl for about 8 days, came down and has been great. Zero phosphates.  Top off the  optimizer." "Best regards, John" John W. Virginia, (customer since 2009)

“George (AquaFinesse rep) can tell you how distraught I was last year after our pool opened literally covered in slime. We even had to dispose of our new 1-season old pool cover as it, too, was covered in slime, as was the pool surround beneath it. I went back and forth between our 3 local pool supply stores and the man that opens and closes our pool. The only response I got for 3 weeks was to add more shock. After dumping more than 37 lbs. of shock in a pool that has less than 15,000 gallons of water, and then partially draining and refilling twice due to high cyanuric acid and stabilizer levels, I began to do my own research. That's how I found ParPools.com and Aquafinesse.

“Biofilm was new to me and all of the local pool supply companies. I ignored their suggestions to keep adding shock and instead ordered AquaFinesse Pool Water Care Tablets. As promised, within 3 weeks I finally got a swimmable chlorine reading (please keep in mind my case was extreme). Shortly after that, the water was perfect and remained that way for the duration of the summer. I will admit I tried to get the local companies to carry it, but none would. I believe they felt their profit margin would be greater by pushing the shock and other chemicals instead of actually addressing and fixing the problem with a chemical-free product. “And this is where I commend Par Pool & Spa for actually providing incredibly helpful information on biofilm...what it is...what it does...how it responds...and how to rid it from your pool. I admit my case was probably more extreme than most. But even if you have a "chlorination lock", or you can't get a swimmable free chlorine reading in your pool, chances are you have a biofilm and no amount of shock will fix it. Not only will Aquafinesse make your water swimmable, it will reduce your cost for chlorine sticks and other chemicals and make the water feel and look fantastic. “As long as I own a pool, I will use Aquafinesse, as both a preventative and a maintenance measure. It definitely saves money in the long run. And I will order it from Par Pool & Spa because they really do know what they're talking about when it comes to biofilm!”
Colleen Q. Virginia, (customer since 2010)

"Ron: I just wanted to take a little of your time to say "Thanks" for helping us through our spa problems.  We had talked three weeks ago about our "Pink Slime" problem.  All of the information you gave me was a great help.  Also, thanks for getting us started with Aqua Finesse.  So far, it is the best product we have used.  After draining and cleaning the spa, the water is crystal clear and no trace of slime.  We are now using the spa again and I hope this trend continues. “You saved me from going to plan "B".  (plan b:  fill the spa with dirt and make a huge planter out of it.) “Thanks again for your help and we will be doing more business with you in the future.” Bob M., Kansas, (customer since 2009)
"Hello Ron: First I have to say, I have never dealt with a company that takes such good care of their customers.  I really appreciate it.  I would have answered you yesterday, but I was busy replacing the roof on our deck that a wind storm tore off last week.  I am just about finished with it. "As far as the spa is concerned, we couldn't be happier.  After about three months we drained it last week and closed it down for the summer.  Where it is exposed to the sun, it gets too hot to use during the summer months.  After the three months the water was still crystal clear with no slime or ring around the spa.  That is something we didn't always see with the other chemicals we were using.  Perhaps one of the things my wife and I appreciate the most is that when you open the cover there is no chemical smell and the maintenance is so simple.  Again, "thanks" for turning us on to Aquafinesse.
"I will be ordering more Aquafinesse from you in the fall when we are ready to start it up again.  Thanks for helping us turn our spa into something we can enjoy again."
R. J. M. Pennsylvania, (customer since 2009)

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